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This is a major decision that a seller needs to reconcile with themselves. After years of time, money, building and operating a business, the seller will need to be absolutely sure of this step. It cannot be an emotional decision, it has to be a business decision based on hard business facts. If the time is right to sell, we offer the very best professional guidance available. Our business brokerage will make the difference in getting rid of the business or making money on selling it.

We provide personalized business brokerage service to business owners.  Since we specialize in the sale of businesses, we offer the most experience and knowledgeable experts anywhere.  Our brokerage services include an initial consultation and assessment of a seller’s business including any real estate involved. Our guidance can make a sometime complicated process move seamlessly forward. We offer guidance on how to prepare, what will be needed and what to expect to maximize the sale.

We can prepare a professional valuation of the seller’s business which is an important element of the process that ultimately helps the seller decide the price and terms at which the business should be marketed. This will expedite the selling of the business. Business valuations are based on things like demographics, location, traffic flow, assets, financial statements and potential for increased business, just to name a few. We work with business firms who specialize in valuations and appraisals so the business owner can be sure the business is marketed at the best value.

Our ubiquitous buyer resources include private individuals, corporations, franchise buyers, private equity groups, and investors. We can provide a buyer profile that would be interested in the seller’s business. We also offer guidance on owner finance investments.

Our time and attention is focused on marketing, advertising, qualification of buyers, professional presentation, confidentiality and negotiating of the business for sale.

We have affiliated sources such as legal and financial advisors that are located throughout Texas.

We will be happy to send a seller’s packet to you with helpful information and also include tips such as the following:

  • Preparing to Sell a Business
  • Valuations
  • Potential Issues
  • Buyer Profiles
  • Business Worth
  • Confidentiality

Please contact us by phone or email. We will promptly respond to your inquiries and work hard to locate what you need.

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